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Week 1- Project proposal

Updated: Jan 30, 2018

The project I worked on Pre-thesis class is a little bit different from Thesis Project. During Pre-thesis class, my concept is tend to focus on the communication between human and environment (not only living creatures, but also the physical structures around us), focusing on there interactions, and the potential of environment to be our friends instead of just surroundings and technologies. While the concept of Thesis tend to focusing on the environment itself. The idea is inspired by eccentric engineering, which allow people to pay their attentions on the environment instead of people. The main idea is that environment itself is not aim at serving human beings. Therefore, it is important to know that understanding them is understanding them from their own perspective.

Since the time for this semester is rather tight, I create a weekly schedule this week to help me keep following the plan of Thesis project.

Here I create a slides for project proposal and also the details about Pre-thesis research last semester.

I paired with Siyuan Qiu for Thesis Accountability partner. We will help each other on Thesis project and paper, provide advice to each other and help working follow the tightly schedule.


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