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Week 13 - Refine the project

Updated: May 11, 2018

Based on the feedback from users and advisor, I rewrote the beginning voiceover and second narration in the story and add the vr environment and camera movement for the beginning. (Attached the video below)

New Voiceover and narration:

Earth, as far as we know, is the only home to life in the universe. We use our sense to feel this planet and understand this world. We use our eyes to see the color, use our nose to smell and use our ears to hear. And our memories construct the history with the time passing by. Well, the environment around us changed but things we cared are just a part of it. Did you try to think when you realizing a coming spring because of the flowers, maybe for a bee, it just care of the smell of those flowers which means food? Or what about a tree? Who can’t feel much tiny things during those passing time. How can a tree see, feel and smell? What does a tree experience and care about even though the environment changing as the same? Let’s travel back in time to see an elm tree living in Bay Ridge in Brooklyn.

Second Scene: I felt something changing in my body. It is hard to describe. What was that? Why do I feel so cautious? I smelt something from the trees around me, and my body changed. I can feel my body emitting something after I smelt it. But why did my body do this? The only thing I can feel is that the bugs seen to go away after I emitted that smell.

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