• Shuang

Week 2-Start working

Updated: Feb 6, 2018

This week I talked with my Advisor Tega Brain, making the decision on the topic of my Thesis Project. I will focus on eccentric botany. Since everything we created or the way we thinking in nowadays are human-centered (or based on human's needs), but actually the natural objects in this world should be on the same level. For example, we think we plant the potatoes and we control of it. However, we can't tell whether it is we controlled the potatoes or they controlled us. Eccentric botany encourages us to abolish the center and try to understand the things from an equal level.

Based on this concept, my thoughts on project is about history. We have the history, and we understand the history from maybe human migration, wars, discovery and so on. But all of this are from human's perspective. But trees, or other natural objects should also have their own pespective to understand the history. So what if we understand the history, or the culture, or some background stories from tree's perspective?

I want to create an App to learn these things about New York City. Start from one leaf species. I did a paper prototype of the App to show how it works.

Siyuan and me confirmed with each other, we both finished the plan.


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