• Shuang

Week 3 - Keep researching & Start

I meet with Elizabeth this week, refine the ideas on project, make a detailed description of this project.

-Goal of project: Give more people an opportunity to understand the world without a center, affect users' perspective towards other natural objects, even just a little bit.

-It should be designed for HoloLens

-The tree should be real

-The content will be about urban history, same history different perspective

-It will show different perspective of trees in different age through the video

-The way to show tree age could be something about rings

-The content will include both video and audio

-The audio will include the sound and voice

-Use different voice to show different age

-The content of aside will be designed based on the research of "The Botany of Desire"

I start watching the tutorial for UI design for HoloLens in Unity.

Finish the outline draft:


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